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10 Winter Skin Care Tips For Naturally Glowing Skin

The winter skincare blues…

Just when you thought you had your skin care routine all figured out, old man winter arrived and started to wreak all sorts of havoc!

And if you’ve found yourself playing a game of chance with every skincare product promising facial radiance with no luck… then you’ve stumbled on the right article.

Turns out, it’s not all about what you use on your skin during the winter; there are many other factors that contribute to common skin problems we all experience at some point between Thanksgiving and that first sunny spring day!

In this article we’re going to share a few of the best winter skin care tips you can use to beat the winter skincare blues from the inside out, and outside in.

Before we get to that though, here’s an important question to consider…

Winter Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin

Why do you get dry, itchy skin in winter?

The bitter cold air outside becomes more than a bit of an annoyance once you start to notice flaky, dry skin doesn’t it?

It’s all fun and games until you try to apply your foundation to peeling skin, or when you keep waking up with dry patches no matter how much moisturizer you lather on before going to bed at night.

And it may seem like a Catch-22 situation because just when you’ve escaped the cold by going indoors, you’re hit with blasts of drying artificial air.

Not to mention, hormonal changes, environmental stressors, and using harsh skin and bodycare products also contribute to dry skin.

So what should you do?

Continue reading our winter beauty guide for our favorite winter skin care tips to protect your skin!

Protect Your Skin from the Winter Environment

Protect your skin against the external environment

1. Protect your skin against winter UV rays

The first winter skin care tip is to protect your skin from the sun. Did you know that the UV rays coming from the sun are just as strong and dangerous during the winter as they are in the summer months? You just have to take one look at skiers or snowboarders on the slopes to see proof of this in their tanned faces.

The snow also acts as a powerful reflector; so if you’re outside in the snow shoveling or just out for a winter walk, you’ll be hit with a second blast of UV radiation.

This is why you shouldn’t take grey clouds and chilly temperatures as your free pass on using sunscreen with minimum SPF of 30 this winter.

2. Prevent the air in your home from drying your skin and invest in a humidifier

Central heating and sitting by the fireplace may be comforting when you come in from the cold, but this dry air can damage your skin. To prevent your home and skin from drying out too much, keep the heat lower when you can, such as when you’re not home and when you’re sleeping.

To prevent your skin from losing too much moisture due to the dry indoor air, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your skin is to invest in a humidifier. Humidifiers add much needed moisture by evaporating a continual stream of steam into the air, which goes a long way in reviving parched skin.

Nourish Your Skin from Inside Out - Avacado and Grapefruit Bowl Recipe

Nourish your skin from the inside out

3. Hydrate your skin with nourishing foods

Balanced skin is about more than just what you apply topically, it’s also about which foods you eat to nourish your body. Fresh greens, antioxidants, and foods like salmon and nuts that are rich in essential fatty acids, all play a vital role in hydrating your skin from the inside out during the winter.

This smoothie bowl is packed with skin nourishing ingredients and is absolutely mouth-watering!

4. Skip dehydrating sugar

Another important skin care tip for this winter is related to sugar. All those tempting sugary drinks that come in a variety of holiday flavors may be a tasty treat, but before you indulge keep this in mind…

Sugar actually removes water from your cells, which can lead not only to dehydration and dry skin, but also an increased risk of premature aging due to breakdown of collagen.

5. Sip on water and tea to keep your skin’s barrier function healthy

Dehydration can negatively affect your bodily functions, including your skin’s barrier function, so it’s important you always stay hydrated during winter. But sipping on cool water may not be all that appealing when it’s cold out!

To make sure you’re getting your minimum 2 litres a day, you can start to incorporate more herbal teas and comforting warm broths this season.

Switch up your skincare routine for winter

6. Exfoliate a few times per week

Dry and dead skin tends to build up, whether you can see it or not. To help manage this, it’s best to exfoliate a few times per week. This helps to promote healthier skin, ready to absorb your skincare products. Exfoliating regularly also promotes the production of youth restoring collagen, leaving your skin dewy and plump.

7. Restore your skin while you sleep

Using oils at night while you sleep is the best time for them to penetrate deeply, allowing for damage repair. You can try by trial and error to figure out which oils will work best for you, or you can trust our tried and tested Saya oil. Our “beauty sleep in a bottle” oil is a perfect blend of 11 restorative and authentic oils; apricot; argan; avocado; bergamot; frankincense; grapefruit; jasmine; jojoba; lemongrass; olive and safflower.

8. Moisturize right after getting out of the bath or shower

Before you head out for the day, and after you’ve taken your bath or shower, apply moisturizing atma facial oil to protect your skin against environmental factors. Your skin will be illuminated all day long with our “Secret of the Soul” formula, which includes ingredients such as argan, apricot, jojoba, safflower, rose and sandalwood.

9. Avoid cleansing with hot water

It may be tempting to rush in from the cold and immediately take a hot shower, but while the steam is certainly good for you, the piping hot water is not. Hot water actually strips your skin from all its beneficial oils, leaving it vulnerable to dryness and inflammation. Instead, wash your face with lukewarm water!

10. Tap Your Oils In for Better Absorption

Many people rub their facial oils into their skin as they would with a moisturizer. However, the particles in a facial oil are larger and contain no water so rubbing the oil will simply glide it off the skin.

For optimal absorption, and to get the most out of your facial oils, always be sure to tap the oil into your skin, lightly with your fingertips, until almost fully absorbed. 


We hope you enjoyed these winter beauty tips and that they help you to enjoy happy, hydrated skin the entire winter season!

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