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Vogue UK September 2019 : Forces for Change

Forces for Change Beauty List

The September Issue of Vogue UK with Guest Editor – Her Royal Highness, Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, packs in such a powerful story.

And we cannot be more honored to be featured in this issue as well! Wow that makes it our third Vogue feature in a row. Vogue has named our oils as their ‘Skincare secret’. As quoted by Vogue, “Meet AMAIAA’s luxury power couple: atma facial oil, ‘secret of the soul’, is the morning elixir for all day radiance and saya facial oil, ‘shadow of radiance’, for a feeling of overnight rejuvenation. Inspired by ancient Indian beauty rituals, both are treasured blends of natural and essential oils. 100% vegan, natural and cruelty-free.”


At amaiaa, we believe that every woman should be her own favorite. Our focus is on connecting women to the rare treasures found in the mountains of India because for centuries, India has been the home of nature’s hidden gems, providing women with the best secrets to beauty. Our products are formulated with all-natural ingredients found in the mystical land of rich heritage and rare spices. We incorporate notes of carefully chosen elements of jasmine, rose, and sandalwood to provide restorative and rejuvenating effects on the skin. Our oils are a direct connection to the history of the land and the strength of every woman who trusted the beautiful mysteries of mother nature. We know that a woman’s skin should reflect the radiance within. These treasured beauty secrets have been integral to the Indian heritage and have been passed along amongst generations of women. amaiaa brings these hidden gems to women around the world through thoughtfully crafted blends. We pledge to reintroduce nature to beauty and help every woman glow from the inside out.

Learn more about the atma & saya facial oils.

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