the empowered girl initiative 2020

At the heart of amaiaa lies the deep-rooted belief that radiant inner beauty comes from wellness, kindness and empathy. For us, beauty comes from the purity of the soul, from mindfulness and love, from loving oneself the most and from celebrating other women. It was no coincidence then that we were born on International Women’s Day, in 2018.

“I am humbled by the experience of being able to introduce to the world a brand that was born from strength and to provide a legacy to the resilient women who came before me, and to empower those who will follow, says Ashu Jain, our Founder and Chief Beauty Officer.

With our roots in India and our expression in the United States of America, we draw our inspiration from all over the world. We use the purest-of-pure treasured ingredients from India, known for their restorative and rejuvenating effects, inside and out. We believe beauty is wellness. Our promise to you, our consumer, is that all our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The incomparable beauty of amaiaa comes from soulful consideration. We believe beauty is kindness. As a brand that stands for equality and celebrates other women, we promise to empower young girls with education as well as women in need with the means of livelihood, to help them lead a life of dignity. We believe beauty is empathy.

The Empowered Girl is very close to my heart. It takes me back to my formative years, when my grandmother and mother both empowered me to have the best start in life with a good education, strong morals and fundamental principles. This allowed me to grow up feeling equal, and most of all, being able to live a life of independence and dignity. I want to share the same love with girls and women in need in India, where I found the inspiration for amaiaa.

According to UNICEF, only about 50% of Indian girls are enrolled in primary school and go on to receive secondary education. I believe that equal opportunity education is a right, not a privilege. We have a humanitarian duty to raise our girls and provide them with the best starting platform in life. Thus, amaiaa will support and bring forth a light of love and knowledge to young girls who are still deprived of such equality. With every purchase made, amaiaa will empower a young girl to attend school in India. By granting young girls the opportunity to gain an education, I aspire to help them with the best possible opportunity life can offer.

Poverty forces millions of households in India to succumb to human trafficking, and one in every three victims of trafficking are children. These victims are subject to sexual and drug abuse. There are institutions in India who help rescue these victims and call them ‘survivors’. The right to earn one’s livelihood and lead a life of dignity is fundamental. We at amaiaa have partnered with these NGOs who rehabilitate these survivors are looking for ways to help integrate them back into an unforgiving society. We will ensure teaching them new skills to lend a hand in our sustainable packaging and promotional initiatives.

We stand for equality and celebrating other women. We promise to empower young girls with a fundamental right to education, and the means to lead a life of dignity. We believe beauty is empathy.

My amaiaa promise with love and laughter,