The Empowered Girl is very close to my heart. The roots of this foundation take me back to my younger days growing up, when my grandmother and mother both empowered me to have the best start in life with a good education, strong morals and fundamental principles. This allowed me to grow up with the feeling of being equal, and most of all, being able to live a life of independence and dignity.

All young girls in the world, starting out in life, should be given this sense of empowerment. I believe that equal opportunity education is a right, not a privilege. As human beings, and as women, we have a humanitarian duty to raise our girls up and provide them with the best starting platform in life. Thus, amaiaa will support and bring forth a light of love and knowledge to young girls who are still deprived of such equality.

With every purchase made, amaiaa will empower a young girl to attend school in India. According to UNICEF, only about 50% of girls are enrolled in primary school and go on to receive secondary education. By granting young girls the opportunity to gain an education, I aspire to give them the best possible opportunity life can offer. This will give them hope and happiness that every day they are taking another step on the journey to a beautiful future and enlightening themselves to follow in the footsteps of many inspirational women.

Together, let’s create brighter and more beautiful futures for the empowered girl!

My amaiaa promise with love and laughter,