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A Winter Wellness Routine by Elisa from Happy Skin Kitchen

With the days getting darker and colder it can be easy to feel a little bit like a blob and not showing our self some love and self-care. I can definitely feel my energy shifting during the winter months, the temperature drops, the sun exposure decreases, and we spend most of our days indoors. It’s really no wonder that our eating habits change, exercise routines slow down, and we tend to sleep longer. I personally see winter as a time for restoration, deeper nourishment, warmth and comfort. It’s also the most important time to make sure that your wellness routine will support the body in maintaining optimal health during the colder months. Self-love is a practice that deserve attention all year around but in winter I particularly like to focus on developing habits that will pamper and nourish my body. Of course, food is also at the core of...

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