Indian Sandalwood Benefits, Uses and Healing Properties
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6 Incredible Indian Sandalwood Benefits & Healing Properties

Indian sandalwood is considered one of the most beneficial and essential ingredients of many holy rituals in India, as well as some other Asian countries. It’s vastly used in skincare and perfume all over the world, as it miraculously restores and rejuvenates both the body and mind. Soft, woody and creamy, sweet yet sturdy, and grounding without being overpowering are a few ways to define the Indian sandalwood fragrance. Its rich, warm yet mild scent lingers on for hours, satisfying and calming your soul.   At amaiaa, we love sandalwood’s calming yet uplifting fragrance and incredible healing properties, which is why we included it in the formula for our saya night revival facial oil. We strive to bring you the best in our beautiful bottles and today we would like to tell you just why the Indian sandalwood oil is so special to us, and why we carefully chose it for...

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