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Amaiaa’s Anniversary Celebration of Beauty

As the beauty award winning natural skin care company amaiaa enters it’s 4th Year of providing all natural products to soothe and heal your skin, we have multiple reasons to Celebrate. The special soul connection of amaiaa’s founder Ashu, is that she celebrates the birth of amaiaa with her Birthday as well. We would like to take note of remembrance of how it all began directly from Ashu: “Our brand was born deep in the Himalayan Mountains of India and has demanded her voice be heard ever since. In the spring of 2016, I embarked on a soul-searching journey that led me to my mother’s land: India. It was there, between the blossoming petals of jasmine and rose that my mother and her mother, spoke to me. They showed me the inspiration that surrounded me, and I discovered my muse in the beautiful curves,...

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