Skincare 101 - Layers and Functions of the Skin
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Skincare 101: Skin Functions and Layers & How It Works

“Filters are great, but great skin is better!” — amaiaa Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It’s also the heaviest. And, it’s a lot more complex than you would have ever imagined. Most of us rarely consider our skin beyond how it’s looking, but if you really think about it, our skin is what’s holding us all together. Our skin is like the vault that does its best to ensure everything that’s precious—our internal organs and systems—stay safe and protected. Our skin also carries out the very important tasks of making us feel physical sensations and of regulating our body temperatures. 1,000 nerve endings. 650 sweat glands. 20 blood vessels. That’s just for one square inch of skin. The average person has about 20 square feet of skin. And if you want to ace your skincare game, you’ve got to look after all of that. At amaiaa, we believe beautiful skin starts with great...

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