Jasmine Silver Needles and Rose Buds Tea by amaiaa beauty
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7 healthy drinks for glowing skin and hair (with recipes)

What if we told you that cool glass of lemonade doesn’t just help you hit refresh; if had regularly, it can also give you glowing skin. In our Beauty Diets blog post, we told you how what you eat reflects in how you look. The same is also true for what you drink as your pH levels are regulated from your stomach. If your stomach is alkaline, with the right balance of acids, your skin will stay dewy with the right balance of oils. And what you drink, at what time, can really make a difference here. We, at amaiaa, believe in holistic beauty. For us, inner radiance is the road to elegance. Keeping that in mind, we’ve developed a luxuriant and aromatic energising white tea with jasmine silver needles and rose buds. This delicately-balanced fine tea is great for stomach health and promotes a sense of well-being. Rich in...

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