Skin Care Resolutions 2019 for the New Year - Pro Tips from amaiaa beauty, amaiaa 2021
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10 Natural New Year’s Skin Care Resolutions in 2022

This past year paved the way for wellness-driven beauty brands, which according to us is not a trend. In fact, it is the future of beauty. Both consumers and retailers are recognizing the concept of holistic beauty. It’s safe to assume that beauty is no longer just skin deep. It’s the dual action of what we put inside our bodies as well as on the outside that will define the new barometer of beauty.   Beauty consumers are more aware than ever before of the link between inner balance, holistic wellness and their positive impact on outward beauty. Our prediction for 2020 is that health and beauty will further converge with continued blurring of lines, as more and more consumers experiment with ingredients that are known for their goodness. The emphasis this year is all about harnessing your skin’s natural restorative and replenishing abilities with the help of the right...

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