Clean Beauty Skincare and Routine by amaiaa beauty
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Green Beauty, Natural Beauty, Skin Care

clean beauty skincare: what it is, what’s toxic & what’s next?

Consumers have driven a 10% in demand for natural beauty, but how do you know what you’re using is truly natural? When you think of “clean beauty,” what comes to mind? You may think it’s products that have no chemicals... products that are “natural” or “pure,” right? You’re certainly not wrong, but there’s much more to it than that. What is clean beauty? Technically speaking, there is no one definition of ‘clean’ beauty. And it’s not enough to assume that all natural products are clean or that all products containing synthetic ingredients are harmful in fact. Certain natural ingredients (such as lead) are proven to be very harmful, and you may be shocked to learn that the FDA doesn’t approve skin and beauty care products (both natural and chemical-laden) before they end up on the shelves. This means that the onus is on you, as the consumer, to be a lot...

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