Inner Glow, Outer Radiance Beauty Workout, Thought and Diet
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Diet, Natural Beauty, Thoughts, Workout

inner glow, outer radiance: beauty workout, thoughts and diet

“Beauty is not in the face; Beauty is a light in the heart.” —Kahlil Gibran There are beauty secrets that come in a bottle. And then, there are beauty secrets that work inside out. Secrets that have come down to us through the centuries, through ancient Indian scriptures and that have been proven by science and are no longer secrets, really. These are a way of life, to help us overcome the challenges of modern life: Yoga, meditation and the power of proper nutrition that work from the inside, in a holistic manner, to help give us a healthy, wholesome life that then reflects in the way we look. When you feel calm, you radiate a calm glow; when you are rejuvenated, you look vibrant; when your body’s nourished, you look healthy. At amaiaa, we believe wholesome wellness is a cornerstone of beauty. For what is beauty, if not a healthy,...

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