Love Potions Aphrodisiacs that make you glow
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Attraction, Natural Beauty

love potions: aphrodisiacs that ignite your natural glow

“There is only one happiness in life- to love, and to be loved” — George Sand The love treatise, Kamasutra, in its last chapter, talks of aphrodisiacs—foods and scents that make you seem more attractive to your partner. The added bonus here is, depending on how you use them, some of these substances can literally make you more attractive, by helping you glow from the inside as well as on the outside. So, as you prep for your big Valentine’s date, we’ve got you the lowdown on some of these love potions that you can add to your plate or include in your beauty regime, tonight and forever more, to add that extra radiance to your life, especially when it comes to love! Our favorite aphrodisiac foods and scents 1) Indian Jasmine The oomph factor The sweet scent of the jasmine is considered the most potent of aphrodisiacs, attractive to others as well as...

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