7 amazing jojoba oil benefits for the face and skin, jojoba oil benefits
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7 amazing jojoba oil benefits for the face and skin

Jojoba Oil – you won’t be the first to not pronounce it correctly, so let us begin right there- it’s ho-ho-ba. Not only does it sound like a little magic spell, it also works like a charm, especially for your skin. Jojoba Oil is referred to as an “oil” but it is, in fact, a liquid wax. And that makes all the difference. 

Before we get into all the benefits of Jojobal oil, we’ll cover the origin of this amazing ingredient, then we’ll share with you our personal favorite Jojoba oil benefits for both your face and skin and how to use it for different purposes.


About Jojoba oil and it’s Benefits

The origin of Jojoba oil dates back to the earliest evidence from Native Americans, who used it for many benefits, Jojoba Oil is produced from the seed of the Jojoba plant, its botanical name is Simmondsia Chinensi, a shrubby tree that is native to southern Arizona and California. 

Unlike other skincare oils, the structure of Jojoba oil is very similar to the natural oils of our skin. Which means it not only moisturizes, but also absorbs faster than other oils. 

And, it’s suitable for all skin types – normal to dry, sensitive to acne-prone! Jojoba oil is not as commercially as well-known as some of the other oils, but this liquid wax is a secret remedy for a whole host of varied skin, hair and nail woes. 


Do you have a dry scalp, skin or brittle nails?

A few drops of jojoba oil works wonders to actively repair the damage and benefit your scalp, skin and nails. Like we said earlier, Jojoba oil is a wax ester and is quite similar in properties to the actual skin sebum, which is the key lubricant or hydrating agent. 

The wonder oil is packed with beauty-boosting vitamins A, E and D, plus antioxidants and fatty acids, this means the “oil” is able to penetrate deeply, reaching below the top layer of skin for maximum nourishment. Jojoba is also naturally antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, hypoallergenic, and anti-inflammatory. Need we say more? 

At amaiaa, we always look for these essential oils which are true beauty gems and curate our blends using the goodness of each of them. 

Unlike other oils

Jojoba oil is not sticky at all; it actually has a light feel, has no odor, and lasts very long, which is what sets it apart from coconut oil, for instance and makes it suitable for all skin types. There is much to know about this wondrous oil and it’s amazing benefits for the face and skin. And we will try to share as much as possible with you, so next time you will definitely give it a try! 

Jojoba oil is extracted from the Jojoba plant seeds and resembles liquid wax structure, hence the name. The oil is extracted in the form of a golden liquid wax from the seeds of the jojoba plant. It later goes through a refinery process to produce the odorless and colorless consumer form we know as jojoba oil.

For your skin care routine, you can use jojoba oil alone or in combination with other essential oils to complement its benefits. This versatile oil keeps your skin and scalp nourished, thereby helping them maintain a natural balance. 

In medical conditions where people have a low production of sebum, jojoba oil is used as a substitute. In contrast, when an individual has an excessive amount of sebum in their hair, jojoba oil can be used as a remedy to treat it.

Now that we have your full attention, and why not! This is truly such a magical product.

Now, let’s uncover the 7 amazing Jojoba oil benefits for the face and skin:

1. Deep moisturization for skin

There is simply no alternative to moisturization. Nourished skin stays younger, healthier, longer. With absolutely no debate, this is the one golden rule of skincare. And lucky for us, we have found the unparalleled magical moisturizer in Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil closely resembles human sebum (the oil naturally produced by skin), making it effective for a wide range of skin types and conditions. Dry or oily, young or mature, jojoba helps bring balance to skin. And as long as you don’t over-apply it, jojoba oil won’t make skin look greasy. Jojoba oil contains ceramides in high quantities. These ceramides envelope the skin cells and as a result, they remain hydrated. Since Jojoba oil has deep absorption into the skin without leaving  the skin oily, it protects the skin against moisture loss and external aggressors. This quality is a perfect jojoba oil benefit for the face as the face needs a lot of delicate handling to remain healthy. 

How do you use jojoba oil as a moisturizer?

Use as little as 3 drops for daytime, to prevent a shiny look. Use up to 7 or 8 drops as a nighttime treatment. Or add a couple drops of jojoba to your regular moisturizer when your skin needs extra moisturization.

2. Perfect match for dry, sensitive and acne prone skin

Some of us really struggle with skin concerns like eczema and psoriasis. Although a topical product cannot cure the underlying health issues which lead to these conditions, it is to be noted that skin requires even more care and nourishment if it is so compromised. 

Jojoba oil is really popular among people looking for relief from these conditions because it works well to treat the dry, scaly skin typical of eczema, and is a favorite of many eczema-prone natural beauties even when they’re not in the middle of a flare-up. The reviews have been similar with psoriasis patients, who have achieved exceeding results with jojoba, not just as a soothing moisturizer, but also as a scalp treatment. Needless to say, it is always wise to discuss such options with your medical care provider. 

Now, let’s move on to acne prone skin. Consider trying Jojoba oil, as an alternative to all the prescription products you have been using thus far with no visible difference in skin condition. Jojoba oil is especially helpful if you’re dealing with combination of breakouts and dry patches. Jojoba oil penetrates deep into skin and accelerates the healing process plus also helps reduce scarring caused by post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

If you have sensitive skin and have tried many plant based oils with little to no success, have no fear. Sometimes, coconut oil or almond oil do not work well for some people. It is dependent on many factors. But Jojoba oil is different. Technically, it isn’t even an oil, but a liquid wax. It has been known to be beneficial and nourishing for sensitive skin as much as any other type. 

3. Goodbye Dark circles and rough patches 

People who have dark circles around their eyes will probably consider this the best jojoba oil benefit for the face. Dark circles are caused by aging, stress or underlying medical conditions. Whatever be the cause, we all agree that dark circles are not desirable. In fact, they make one look dull and unwell. So do pigmentation patches or uneven skin tone on the face. After all, don’t we want smooth, healthy, even tone skin. Again, Jojoba oil to the rescue. This wonder potion is an amazing solve for targeting patchiness.  

quick jojoba oil remedy:

You simply have to mix jojoba oil with chamomile essential oil in equal quantities, apply and massage it gently around your eyes and on pigmentation patches for 10 – 15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. For better results, try leaving it on overnight and let the wonder wax work its magic while you sleep. 

4. Helps fade pregnancy stretch marks

The ability to reduce pregnancy stretch marks is one powerful jojoba oil benefit for the skin. If you’re pregnant and have noticed stretch marks starting to appear, massage a few drops of Jojoba oil over the areas. In fact, one should start this as soon as you learn about the pregnancy as for everything else, prevention is so much better!  Do this two times every day during your pregnancy and continue with the routine after giving birth. 

Jojoba oil has a soothing and relaxing effect on the body, so using it will help you during pregnancy as well. Now, remember stretch marks are inevitable, but different women will experience different severity. And please don’t stress out if you are currently pregnant and not using anything. It’s never too late to begin! 

5. Lip conditioner as no other

One drop of Jojoba oil on lips first thing in the morning and again before bedtime is surprisingly effective at diminishing flakes and plumping pesky vertical lines. Given the amazing moisturizing and nourishing benefits of Jojoba oil, it instantly works to soften lips. Much better than petroleum jelly with its waxy nature which replenishes lost moisture in the lips, and one hundred percent natural. 

So if you want soft lips, know that this is a jojoba oil benefit for your face too. Having healthy, moisturized lips help make your face glow.

DIY lip balm from jojoba oil:

  1.     You can make this lip balm by mixing jojoba oil with coconut oil. All you need do is get two teaspoons each of jojoba oil and coconut oil, and then mix them well.
  2.     Add 3 – 4 drops of any natural flavors of your choice.
  3.     Let the mixture cool and then store it in a refrigerator.

6. A remedy to your cracked heels

Another jojoba oil benefit for the skin is that you can enjoy its ability to heal dry or cracked heels. Apply this oil regularly on your feet, and your heels will remain smooth and soft. A more intensive way to do it is to apply it on your stockings. Wear the stocking for an hour before you remove them. Be careful to use this technique at night as it may cause a bit of a slip while walking. Use generous amounts, unlike drops for face. What is also amazing about Jojoba oil is that its readily available and quite affordable.

7. Wonder addition to face masks

If we haven’t yet wowed you about the magical Jojoba oil, then here is how you will be absolutely in love with it. Apart from all the benefits if Jojoba oil that we discussed for the face and the skin, jojoba oil is also a perfect ingredient for making face masks. To make a jojoba oil face mask, you can combine it with turmeric, yogurt or orange peel oil to make a face mask that will be good for your skin.

Another good combination includes jojoba oil with cornstarch and crushed tomato in equal proportions.

We hope you learned something interesting and useful from the 7 amazing benefits of Jojoba oil for the face and skin? As a matter fact, there are many more Jojoba oil benefits that extend beyond skin. Wellness is always holistic and inner wellness reflects in our beauty.  

Now that you see how to use jojoba oil for your face and skin. Try some of the tips we discussed, at home, and give your skin the luxurious glow it deserves!

And feel free to share your results, thoughts and questions below.

Jojoba oil and amaiaa go back a long way

If these are not enough reasons to love our favorite Jojoba oil, then we don’t know what are! At amaiaa, we use Jojoba oil and blend it with other carefully chosen and researched essential oils that are simply magical for your skin and overall wellness. 

We aim to alter the way beauty is defined. In our world, beauty is not just skin deep but is a process that begins internally. Enriched with vitamins C, E, and A, along with an abundance of antioxidants and age-defying agents, we believe efficacy shouldn’t come at the expense of natural. Simplicity is the key to elegance, and that is why you will never find harsh chemicals or unknown additives in our formulas. We pledge to reintroduce nature to beauty and help every woman shine from the inside out. In our philosophy of Beauty, inner wellness is the only road to outer radiance. 

Unlock the jojoba oil benefits from our luxurious atma and saya!

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