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beauty is wellness: amaiaa mindfulness rituals

Hello amaiaa lovelies,

Happy May and Happy Springtime!

Let’s welcome the daffodils and tulips to pop up to give us their colorful beauty, as the warmer brighter days are finally here.

As spring is upon us, it’s a good time to spring clean our body, mind, and soul.  The moment is all about ‘clean’, from the inside out. From beauty to health drinks, from managing stress to daily exercise. A small daily change makes all the difference!  No early morning screen time is a bonus, if you can stay away from your devices.

I honestly believe beauty is about lifestyle as well as using exceptional luxury natural beauty products.  Daily practices help us to be mindful of taking good care of ourselves, which naturally radiates on the outside.  “It’s never too late to take care of yourself”.

Morning Mindfulness Ritual

morning mindfulness for your beauty routine

Setting your mindset in the morning is the most important as stress is becoming a major factor affecting health and beauty, mindfulness is becoming more apparent in the world of beauty.

It appears that stress levels are back in the news having a huge impact on overall well-being, which obviously affects skin being the largest organ. Upon awakening, let’s practice some amaiaa ‘sunrise’ rituals, remember to start by giving morning gratitude, five minutes of quiet thinking or mediation.  Sipping your warm water with lemon or your amaiaa tea. Whilst enjoying the subtle flavors make notes for the day, not forgetting to do a positive affirmation or two.  Maybe keep a journal?

The way you spend the first hour in the morning, sets the tone for how the rest of the day will follow.  So spend this time giving yourself your own loving attention. Morning skincare routine is the key to clear radiant glowing skin, cleanse, tone, “secret of the soul” atma oil, using a slight patting motion to get the circulation.  Never forget your sunscreen, and if possible use a mineral based product!  Chemical sunscreens can sometimes irritate sensitive skins, so be sure to do a patch test on your wrist or behind your ears.

Evening Mindfulness Ritual

evening mindfulness ritual - beauty sleep

When our mothers and grandmothers told us to get our beauty sleep during our childhood years, it was and still is the best advice ever! Sleep is the best time for the skin to rejuvenate, recharge and repair itself. Our amaiaa ‘sunset rituals’ being with a double cleanse, followed by a relaxing facial massage with our ‘beauty sleep in a bottle’ saya oil and then follow with any addition serums, creams, should you need them. Our saya oil is also known as a ‘facial in a bottle’. Upon waking you have a spa glow with baby soft skin. When feeling like a pamper evening, why not try turmeric mask, as used by Happy Skin Kitchen and full recipe is detailed in our natural beauty blog. Now you have treated the skin, let the mind rest, practice 5 minutes of evening gratitude/meditation.  Reflect on some thoughts of the day and end with some positive affirmations. 

Remember no late night screen time and for the next eight hours, sleep like a goddess and wish upon a star! 

‘a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles’ 

With these beautiful thoughts, I am eternally grateful to all amaiaa lovelies around the globe, for believing in me and amaiaa.  My humble and honest amaiaa promise always remains in my very grateful heart.

Wishing you all things beautiful, lots of smiles and most of all love, laughter, and happy health.


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