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beauty has no bars

Hello amaiaa lovelies,
Happy June and may this month be full of bright beautiful smiles. Sunshine or rain, lets never be without our sunscreen!
Last month I spoke about mindfulness and putting oneself first. As someone once said “Once you fall in love with yourself, the game is over.”
Keeping the same thread of thought, this month is a tribute to our ever growing amaiaa family and to all you, beauties!  
Just over a year ago, amaiaa was born! It’s a time of true reflection and reminiscing the beautiful journey so far with endless memorable moments of intrigue, adventure and passion. Connecting women globally from all walks of life and ethnicities being able to touch the hearts of so many diverse wonderful beautiful women across the globe, was always my belief, dream and is now reality.  
I want to take a moment to honor and salute our mothers, grandmothers and their mothers paying homage to the offerings of Mother Nature, from blush pink rose petals to vibrant white jasmine blossoms. With these blessings that spoke to me in the mysterious Himalayan Mountains, to create the dream come true that I call amaiaa, collecting natural treasures from all generations which all diversities would appreciate and absolutely love.  Race, age, skin type wasn’t a consideration for me, as the universal factor was we all have skin and natural beauty.
Being a woman is an honor, and an honor we should all live up to in this life time, “we can do it all in one lifetime, believe and invest in yourself.  Self-love, self-care, self-beauty, all go hand in hand as we all chase our rainbow and stars each day and night.
“Moonlight floods the whole sky from its horizon; how much it can fill your room depends on its windows”You are your number one priority.   
I am proud to say from 18 to 80 from east to west, north to south, all the amaiaa beauties that have experienced our luxury sensual atma and saya oils, have been ecstatic with the results of glowing radiance and made this girl’s dream come true!      
Our empowered girl ‘I am amaiaa’ non-profit initiatives, is our celebration of female diversity, allowing young girls and women to develop new skills to be able to lead a life a dignity.  
Diversity is all about all of us and having to figure out how to walk through this world together, to be strong, fearless and be able to look and feel more beautiful each and every day, never losing the glamour goddess within us.  
amaiaa is a pure symbol of diversity as we are all different and this brings us all together, amaiaa is me and amaiaa is you!
With these beautiful thoughts, I am eternally grateful to all amaiaa lovelies around the globe, for believing in me and in amaiaa.  My humble and honest amaiaa promise always remains in this very grateful heart.
Wishing you all things beautiful, lots of smiles and most of all love, laughter and happy health.

Ashu x

Ashu - amaiaa beauty

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