Our 'atma oil' wins a Beauty Shortlist Award again in 2021

Our ‘atma oil’ wins a Beauty Shortlist Award again in 2020!

Our luxury facial oil, atma, is a Beauty Shortlist Awards commended winner in 2020! After being a commended winner in 2019, we are honored to receive this prestigious award again.

We love to see our atma oil’s exquisite formula being recognized for the amazing quality and skincare results it provides women all around the world.

In the product review process, a panel of expert judges thoroughly tests products against other skincare products and some of the biggest brands in the industry! They look for the highest quality standards in beauty, skincare, and wellness.

We were excited to see that our atma oil received raving reviews by the Beauty Shortlist Award experts.

atma - natural facial oil for day time by amaiaa beauty

about the award-winning atma:

Atma is the morning radiance to keep your skin illuminated all day, it’s ‘secret of the soul’ formula was created to enhance your natural beauty and encourage a healthy glow. It is truly the luxury your skin deserves without all the harsh chemical or ingredients.

Our facial oils are formulated with all-natural ingredients found in the mystical land of rich heritage and rare spices. We incorporate notes of carefully chosen elements of jasmine, rose, and sandalwood to provide restorative and rejuvenating effects on the skin. Our oils are a direct connection to the history of the land and the strength of every woman who trusted the beautiful mysteries of mother nature.

At amaiaa, we believe that every woman should be her own favorite. We believe that simplicity is the key to elegance and that glamour should not come at the expense of natural.

Try our atma luxury facial oil to find out why the Beauty Shortlist Awards chose us in 2020, and to celebrate YOU in loving yourself inside and out.

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